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                             How does ReverteTM work?       

ReverteTM is mixed with conventional plastics at the manufacturing stage making it oxo-biodegradable. ReverteTM works by fist cutting the long plastic polymers through interaction with oxygen (oxidization); these shorter chains are then digested by naturally occuring bacteria (biodegradation) hence the hybrid word oxo-biodegradation.


What are the end products of the oxo-biodegradation of plastics?


The end products of the oxo-biodegradation of plastics are H2O (water), CO2, and biomass.


How long does it take for ReverteTM

plastics to oxo-biodegrade?


The length of the oxo-biodegradation process depends on a number of factors such as ambient temperature and the thickness of the plastic product. In general, ReverteTM plastic films and bags will oxo-biodegrade in an average of 2.5 years after being discarded in the waste stream. In contrast, conventional plastics without ReverteTM can last up to 500 years in the environment.

Does ReverteTM contain toxic or heavy metals?


ReverteTM does not contain any toxic or heavy metals and has been independently tested for eco-toxicity. ReverteTM has also been independently tested and approved for food contact.

Does ReverteTM alter the look and feel or performance of plastics?


No, ReverteTM makes plastic products oxo-biodegradable without altering their physical and optical properties or their performance.

Does ReverteTM require modifications or investments in new machinery?


No, ReverteTM is a masterbatch system that is added to plastic resin in small addition rates. No modifications or investments in new machinery are required.

 Where is ReverteTM manufactured?       


ReverteTM is made in England by Wells Plastics Ltd. a leader in plastic additive research and development using the highest British manufacturing and safety standards.

Can ReverteTM products be safely stored?


Yes, ReverteTM plastic products can be safely stored. ReverteTM contains a specialized UV trigger that prevents the onset of degradation while the product is in storage. Degradation will only begin when the product has been discarded in the waste stream. This unique technology makes ReverteTM the only 3rd generation additive available on the global market today.

Is ReverteTM approved by the Ministry of Environment?


Yes, ReverteTM is approved by a number of national authorities, including the Lebanese Ministry of Environment.

Is ReverteTM approved for food contact?


Yes, ReverteTM is approved by U.S. and E.U. authorities for food contact.

Is ReverteTM independently tested?


ReverteTM has been independently tested by some of the world's leading laboratories. ReverteTM is fully ASTM D6954-04 certified and has also received certifications from a number of national governments.

Can ReverteTM plastic products be re-used and recylced?


Yes, plastics treated with ReverteTM can be re-used and recycled.

Is ReverteTM cost-effective?


Yes, ReverteTM is used in small addition rates and is very cost-effective; the addition to the cost of plastics is generally less than 5%.